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Family Services

Full-service placement

With the full-service placement, we do the legwork and present you with highly qualified and extensively vetted candidates we think will be a good match for both parties. It is a fully-customized experience to connect you with your ideal employee and remove as much stress as possible.


This is a great option for families that have a smaller budget but are looking for some guidance in the often overwhelming process of finding a nanny or other household employee. Should you choose this option, Rachael will discuss typical industry standards, contracts, job expectations, taxes, tips for searching for and hiring a household employee, and creating healthy work relationships and boundaries.


It is extremely important to have a good contract in place when hiring a household employee. Having everything documented in regards to pay, benefits, industry standards, job responsibilities, expectations, schedule, etc. are vital for having a healthy work relationship with your employee.


Should any tension or disagreement arise in the employee-family relationship, Keystone Nannies is here to help each party through a neutral mediation.


Keystone Nannies is here for parents in more than matching with employees. If you find your family is struggling, we can help guide you back to stability, be it with implementing schedules and routines or assistance with discipline practices. We also offer to help nannies not only to enhance the working relationship with the employer, but also with their charges. This service includes being in your home to observe and help in areas that might be a struggle. Rachael offers this in-person or via Zoom.


The different types of household employees can be confusing! Please see below for more in-depth explanations of these job titles.


Nannies are essentially an extension of the parent(s). They provide customized, one-on-one care in the comfort of the child’s own home. Their responsibilities can include getting children up and ready for school in the morning, packing lunches, preparing nutritious snacks and meals, children’s laundry, maintaining a well stocked nursery, helping to reach age appropriate milestones, teaching manners, designating age appropriate chores, scheduling children’s doctors’ and dental appointments, implementing and adjusting schedules, attending parent teacher conferences, arranging playdates, and planning and scheduling age-appropriate activities and outings.

Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care specialists are thoroughly trained in caring for infants for their first 4 months of life. They are not only knowledgeable of the health and wellness of infants, but also skilled in sleep training and implementing schedules. Some NCS’s will assist families during the overnight hours.

Household managers


Household Managers assist in keeping the home running smoothly. Their duties can include managing other household staff and contracted workers, running errands, grocery shopping, paying bills, and maintaining a well-stocked home.


Governesses are professionally trained educators employed to instruct children in a private home setting. They assure the children are reaching their age-appropriate educational milestones.

E-learning Specialist


These specialized nannies oversee and assist with all of your children’s virtual school needs. They can help the children with their work, the technology, and liaise with teachers and other school staff.


Private Chef

A private chef is one who works strictly for your household preparing customized meals. Our private chef has years of experience with a household as well as catering small events.

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